Saturday, October 27, 2007

Get Damned.

So the Horror induced HELLoween show of sheer unadulterated terror went off last night with grave disturbing results. The dead were awoken and a ghoulish dance party erupted from the depths of darkness for all who tuned in. In fact there was such a bone rattling pulse of energy that satan himself called up and requested a Misfits track. I had already played the song earlier so I told him to go to hell! We both had a devious laugh at that one seeing as to how he was already there.

Be sure to tune in next week where the songs of fright will continue to be the soundtrack into the darkest realms of your fears.

Shows of ungodly importance!

Halloween Night October 31st 8pm
Astro Zombies (Misfits cover band)
and the Chop Tops
at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz.

The Rocky Horror Show!!
October 27 8:00pm
Park Hall Theatre
9370 Mill St, Ben Lomond, California, 95005

The Rocky Horror Show!!
October 31st and November 2nd. 8:00 pm
Rio Theater
1205 Soquel Avenue * Santa Cruz * California * 95062

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